Friday, September 16, 2005

wandering a little

What strikes me, as I read other blogs at random, is how many they are, and from so many countries. I envision folks bent over their keyboards, typing out their souls, their favorite songs, their problems, and now and then (don't you hate the spam sites?) some cleverly disguised commercial.
All these words, all these souls, all these visions. And we briefly pass in the cyberworld.
Kind of makes me catch my breath.
Today I am hoping to hear from S. who is somewhere in Alabama, working with flood survivors for the Red Cross. After the hurricane hit she spent a few days obsessively watching the news, and then said "I'm going to talk to the Red Cross". Two days later she was on a plane. Or a series of planes; she who hates to fly. She's done flood relief before, and has training.
Leaves on the trees already turning here. This post is more in the nature of an experiment: technical difficulties logging on...shall see if it works.


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