Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Up at 5 AM

Yes, there are days when the world spins contrary to my preferences, at least in petty ways. Up at 5AM (and I am mostly a night person; morning is a whole new experience). Meeting at my clinic (I'm a board member). Problems with doctor. Delicate listening, balancing, wondering. Will he quit? Should he quit? Do we hope he quits? Time will tell.
It's a community health center and will be 30 this January. Started from the grassroots when a few folks got together and talked about things like "hey, we should have health care". It's a very rural, impoverished region. The center has gone through lots of ups and downs and dramas. And doctors. Though I think it would surely be wonderful for a doctor to settle here and practice old time medicine and meet his or her patients in the market and care for a whole community, cradle to grave...there just don't seem to be that many docs who want that. We had a wonderful guy here for a number of years; it helped, of course, that he was stunningly handsome and sensitive and caring and everyone fell in love with him--he left years ago and now does big city ER work. Lots of money, he tells me, since we are friends still, and I like to keep track of his growing number of children.
Oh, please, universe, send us our doctor--or doctors--we have room for 2 or three really, at this glorious little clinic where we have dentists (two of them) and an acupuncturist and psychologists Where the two main towns are, together, around--oh, maybe 4,000 people. Where everyone does know your name, and probably what you're gonna have for dinner, and what your child was or is up to. Where dogs get to wander into shops (my Buddy now and then goes on his own to the local feedstore and chooses a treat and comes back to the bookstore) and where we all try to care...
Lack of sleep makes me emotional. I go out to the parking lot garden and trim back the bitter scented chrysanthemums: deep red, russet, a pink that deepens to lilac. I plant a little mini rose, yellow as buttercups. I scatter poppy seed. Soon I will be planting sweetpeas, and putting in more bulbs (last year I put in hundreds all around the town streets and in nooks and crannies).
The pomegranates are turning bright red, hung amongst the clinging golden leaves. Lovely autumn. The world still spins on.


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